How to Create a Customer Service Strategy to Make Customers Loyal

Good customer service is essential for a successful business. You can have the best plan and the best product, but if you aren’t retaining your customers, it doesn’t matter. It’s important to build a solid relationship with the people who patronize your business. Here are some strategies for doing so.


Set clear expectations with your customers. The same time frame is experienced differently depending on what customers expect. If customers order a product, for example, and expect that it will be delivered that day, they may be agitated if it takes two days. If, however, you promise three days and deliver it on time or early, they are more likely to be happy with your customer service. Don’t make promises you aren’t sure you can keep. Adopt a practice of under-promising and over-delivering to keep customers happy.


When you do what you say you are going to do on a regular basis, you build customer loyalty. Consumers value consistency and appreciate a business that can deliver it. If customers have issues with something they’ve purchased from you, they should be able to get in touch with you in a convenient way. Your website should display reliable contact information in a prominent place. Offer several options, including a phone number, and email address and social media outlets, so that your customers can communicate with you in the way in which they are most comfortable.


When you get customer feedback, take it seriously. The people who buy what you’re selling deserve to hear back from you in a timely manner when they ask a question or register a complaint. If they do not, they are likely to take their business elsewhere. Customers talk, and what they tell their friends and family can be positive or negative, depending on how well you communicate with them. Good customer service in the form of frequent communication not only helps you retain your customers but may earn you new ones.


Use the information you receive from customers to guide future business decisions, and let them know how they help you improve. Offer tokens of gratitude, such as an exclusive flash sale for loyal patrons or early access to a new product launch. Market the changes you make as consumer-driven, giving credit where credit is due. If you speak well about those you serve, they are more likely to speak well of you.


Customer service is all about building positive relationships and maintaining them well over time. Good communication, consistency and gratitude are key elements of keeping customers happy.

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