We Offer Purchase Order Financing for Businesses

If you are looking for financing that will help you purchase presold products, First Touch Consulting can help. Whether your company works with domestic production, imports, or exports, we can help you get the purchase order financing you need to get your finished and presold goods. While this type of financing can be difficult to find, we are happy to work with businesses such as wholesalers, producers, resellers, and distributors to get the money they need to pay their suppliers.

How We Can Help You

First Touch Consulting assists all types of businesses with purchase order financing. Even if you have little cash flow, we can still work with you. If you lack access to capital or are a new startup, we are still happy to assist you in reducing the stress of financing so you can focus on your sales.

There are many benefits of getting financing from us:

  • Funding is available quickly
  • Allows you to make customer deliveries on time
  • Ability to fulfill larger orders and boost profits
  • Business growth without increased debt or sacrifices of equity
  • Expansion of your market share

Contact Us Today

Our financial experts are standing by to help you with your purchase order financing needs. Contact us today to discuss your options and apply.