Increase Your Business With Equipment Financing

If you own a business that requires equipment to operate, First Touch Consulting can provide equipment financing to take the monetary burden off your shoulders. We can help you update your outdated tools so you can operate more efficiently.

Why You Should Lease

Leasing offers a wide range of advantages for your company besides freeing up more cash for your daily operations. The reasons why you should choose to lease your equipment include the following:

  • Increase cash flow
  • Tax advantages for your company
  • Low and fixed monthly payments
  • Pre-existing credit lines are untouched

How Leasing Is Beneficial

Most businesses require tools and machines to function. Whether that means you need software and computers or heavy machines like printing gear or forklifts, we can help you achieve your goals. When you choose equipment leasing, you receive the following benefits:

  • Applications are approved between one to five days
  • Repayment plans up to 84 months
  • Many different equipment options

Who We Can Help

We’re pleased to provide our services in three different programs to offer the most assistance to a broad spectrum of companies. The first is for startups, so that you can outfit your operation with all the necessary tools and equipment to get your business up and running.

The second program for equipment leasing helps municipal and government bodies. We proudly assist libraries, public schools, police and fire departments, as well the federal government and state agencies. This way, these entities can carry out their duties proficiently.

Lastly, we offer a sale and lease back option. To do this, we buy the equipment and rent it to you, and at the end of the leasing term, you own the tools.

Learn More Today

If you need equipment financing for your business, whether it’s a startup or established, then First Touch Consulting is here to help. Our experts on staff can explain how the process works and help you through the application procedure. There is no reason for you to not have the equipment you need when there are financing options available.