Grow Your Business With Accounts Receivable

First Touch Consulting offers accounts receivable funding to help businesses expand while waiting for customer invoices to be paid in full. That means you can continue building your company without worrying about customer accounts.

Benefits for You

With this loan as part of your business plan, you are free to use the money however you need to. You can pay for supplies and inventory, payroll, expansion and even operating costs to keep your business moving. Benefits you receive with financing receivables include the following:

  • Fixed payments are not required
  • Receive funds within 24 hours
  • More funds available with increased sales

Whether you own a company that is a startup or losing money, if you provide clients with the option to take up to 90 days to pay for your products or services this might be for you. And since this loan is based on the credit of your customers, you are not accruing any debt. Our experts can answer any questions you have to help you decide if this loan is right for you.

Let’s Talk

There is no reason why your business can’t grow while you wait for clients to pay their accounts. With accounts receivable funding from First Touch Consulting, you can confidently continue to sell your products or services. Give us a call today to learn more about this financing opportunity.