About First Touch Consulting

Dave Khwaja, Owner

For nearly a decade, Dave has worked as a Sales Engineer for multiple businesses in Utah. He has guided companies to initiate new sales tactics and become more proficient and profitable. Working with small business owners and up to large corporations, he took it upon himself to learn and educate himself in their respective industries. Having an eye for business operations, he has always looked at the bigger picture and saw just how efficient a company can grow with the right equipment and implementation.

That vision brought him into the world of Equipment Financing. Having worked with different lenders for different size companies, it was clear that there was no “One Size Fits All” box to check. As well as noticing that every business has their own Capital Expenditure needs. He has always believed that a strong company is built off the relationships it makes and they way it can make people feel.

This led to the founding of First Touch Consulting, LLC. With Dave being an avid soccer player and enthusiast, the First Touch of the ball determines if you can set yourself up to move in the right direction. This same notion follows through with his business philosophy. Having the correct funding partner in your corner as you are looking to move forward can make all the difference. Working with Owners, CEO’s, CFO’s, Controllers, Treasurers, and Purchasing Directors alike, we understand the value of time. We take that time to get to know your vision and allow you to turn those goals into profit for your business. Our diverse network of lenders allows First Touch Consulting to tailor a customized financing plan for your next project or operation.

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